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Drivers Gradient Sunglasses

SAVE Serengeti Velocity Drivers Gradient Sunglasses

Looking for a pair of drivers sunglasses? This pair of photochromic lenses is optimal for driving or flying. The technology is said to reduce glare better than polarized lenses. Since the brand makes both types of glasses I’ll take their word for it.

Persol Black Frame, Green Polarized

SAVE New & Authentic Persol Black Frame Green Polarized Lens PO 2747-S 95/48 57mm

If you have not heard of Persol it’s time you stepped up your game. Sure disposable sunglasses are easy and painless but now you need to keep that vision in impeccable condition. Get something stylish to protect your retina.

Persol Brown Frame, Polarized

SAVE Persol PO3135S Sunglasses – 24/57 Havana (Brown Polarized Lens) – 55mm

Persol has always been a benchmark for quality and good looks among sunglass brands. Stay classy my friends with polarized lenses and handsome tortoise shell.